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Britt Burr, RDT

Creative Director

"Emma was an assistant director and teaching artist at Barrier-Free. Barrier-Free is a non-profit, disability service organization that provides inclusive art, self-advocacy, and social programming to the community for adults with disabilities. Throughout Emma’s time with Barrier-Free, she demonstrated acute skills. Because of her effective leadership, Emma was promoted to teaching her own self-designed improvisational class—combining her theater experience with her speech and language pathology training. [She] went above and beyond in that project, as she does in all responsibilities. Emma is always willing to offer her aid and give/receive constructive feedback. She has an outstanding rapport with the many participants that Barrier-Free serves. This is particularly valuable for our organization as Emma is able to instinctively find a need and fill it, thus demonstrating keen emotional intelligence. I wholeheartedly recommend Emma."

Michael Heup

Athlete Leader
Special Olympics MD

"[Emma] helped me learn a lot in our Plunge into Improv class. I signed up for it because I thought it would be fun. AND FUN, IT WAS! [Emma] taught us how to feel comfortable when we have to think on our feet and be creative in how we react to an unexpected situation. I have a new job since [participating in Plunge into Improv]. I have been interviewed on TV several times for my job, and I even got to visit The White House and speak in front of [the President]. I felt more comfortable answering questions and just going with the flow because of the training [Emma] gave us. [Emma] always made us feel comfortable and respected whatever ideas we had....I also have some other special opportunities coming up in my job that I am excited about. I think I have been asked to do them because my bosses are happy with my communication skills."

Jason Schriml

VP of Athlete Leadership
Special Olympics MD

"One of the most effective classes [Special Olympics Maryland has] used was our multi-week series called Plunge into Improv. Emma provided athletes with improv exercise examples and lessons as well as a clear guide to what was going on each week...Our first session was in 2019 and our second was virtual in 2020. Both were fantastic and are still referenced by the participants to this day. It was hugely impactful and really helped many athletes improve their active listening skills, improve their ability to socialize and interact, and improve confidence in other leadership areas. I would highly recommend Emma. Her energy, organization and ability to connect make her a wonderful facilitator and teacher. She respects everyone’s strengths while still gently challenging people to come out of their comfort zone for growth."

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